"Before anything else, Preparation is the Key to Success"
- Alexander Graham Bell

Whether you are prepping sheet metal for paint, cleaning concrete or brick, or removing mold and mildew from a wood deck or fence, here at Custom Powder and Blasting we feel our dustless sandblasting equipment is the "Key" to getting you job done right, quickly and easily.

Because pressure washing, chemical stripping, or hand sanding are all available options, our customers often ask a lot of the same questions when trying to decide what option would work best for them.  Please take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions below, and then give us a call.  Our staff is on hand to answer any questions you may have, and after discovering the overwhelming number of benefits of using our dustless blasting system, we think you'll find we have exactly whats needed to handle any project you can come up with.


Doesn't sandblasting create a lot of dust?

Our sandblasting equipment is vapor based.  That means, as the media comes out, it is encapsulated in water vapor.  Any airborne debris then becomes to heavy to float and simply falls to the ground.  In most cases, the only visible sign that the machine is operating is a 10 inch cone of water vabor coming out of the end of the sandblasting nozzle.

Wouldnt water on unprotected metal just lead to more rust?

Normally it would, but before media is put into the machine we add a product called HoldTight 102.  This is a rust inhibitor that mixes with the water and in most cases will prevent flash rust for up to 72 hours.

If your system uses water, isn't it the same as pressure washing?

The two are actually vary different.  The water used in our dustless blasting equipment has two main purposes.  It dramatically reduces air borne particles, but also adds mass to the media itself.  Imagine the weight of a five gallon bucket of water being added to an 80 pound bag of sand.  The resulting weight of these two products combined can nearly double the impact force on the surface you are working on.  This gets the job done much faster, and will remove more surface contaminents than water alone.

Can't sandblasting warp metal?

The issue of warping found in tradition dry sandblasting is the result of heat created due to friction between the abrasive and the metal surface itself.  With our dustless blasting system there is no heat created, in fact, the surface temperature of the metal being blasting is actually reduce by nearly 10 degrees.  This virtually eliminates any chances of warping the surface.

If there is still a chance, shouldn't I just hand sand the metal myself?

As with using a traditional dry blaster, using a palm sander to remove paint from sheetmetal can still result in enough heat to cause an issue with the metal warping.  Additionally, in the amount of time needed to take a car down to bare metal by hand, our dustless blasting equipment could strip the paint and rust from the same vehicle five to ten times over again.  Here at Custom Powder and Blasting we can not only save you money in this process, but time as well,  getting your ride back on the road in a fraction of the time.

Are there any chemicals involved?

When blasting any surface, other than steel, the only products used in our system are water and the selected media of choice, in most cases, recycled glass or sand. The only additional product we use is HoldTight 102, a rust inhibitor.  This product is only used when blasting steel or iron based metals.

What happens to the media when you get done?

Since recycled bottle glass is basically man-made sand with no additional dirt particles, any remaining media present after job completion can be allowed to simply absorbed back into the surrounding ground as a soil amendment.  There are no adverse side effects of doing so, and once watered in is practically unnoticable.